It’s a known fact that Romania and Moldova and sister countries. They speak the same language (mostly, we have hungarian and russian intruders) and have some recognisible traditions between them. There were part of the same state from 1918 through 1940, when the Russian stole the region again from Romania.

A lot of changed since comunism, but the links between the two nations remained tight.

However, the two nations are split by a border, situated along site the Prut river.

Today, I managed to get as close as I can to the border, on a national road in Romania, a road that goes from Iasi to Husi and then to Crasna and Barlad. There is a small area where you can actually see the Moldovan side and the Prut river without having to be asked to many questions by Romanian or Moldovan authorities. Today I managed to get a picture there, which is quite nice.

prut river border

This is the single thing the keeps Romania from Moldova. And a lot of birocratic bullshit. Birocrats, always ruining everything.

Anyway, it was something to see another state from my side of the border. An interesting experience for sure.


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