I’ve lived in Bucharest for altmost two years now and with time I managed to learn a lot of things about the Romanian capital. Or sort of. I mean, Bucharest is the biggest city in Romania, so it should be the place where you could find the best that Romania could offer.

Well, in Bucharest case, that’s not quite true. Although there are around 1.7 million citizens in Bucharest, most of them are not the brightest. There are a lot of good companies that prefered to go with the Romanian headquarters in places like Iasi, Cluj or Timisoara, town that really have a history behind them. And some nice views, to be fair. Except Timisoara, but the beauty of Timisoara comes with the multicultural relations in the area, being an important area for serbs, romanians, hungarians and germans. Cluj is just a nice city with a huge industrial area and more and more companies are attracted there. Most of the IT Companies. In Timisoara there are a lot of auto components factories.

Bucharest doesn’t really have something to produce. They just stay and run things, but they don’t really produce something useful. They just “try” to manage things. You can see this if you walk around Pipera, a zone with a lot of corporate buildings and nothing beautiful about it. I mean, no architecture. There are some areas in the center of Bucharest that are quite nice though, but about them we can talk another time.

Getting back to the question: is really Bucharest the real capital of Romania ? Well, officially, it is. But if I would have to name the capital of Romania now. I would probably choose another location, like Brasov or Sibiu. Because are more central and there are big and nice cities. I think that if Sibiu, Brasov or Alba Iulia would have been names capital around 100 years ago, we would have seen a lot of different things around in Romania and the city of Bucharest would be an important city, but not on the actual size.

So, where do you think that Romania capital should be ?


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