We are somewhat out of winter but the weather is still bad. I mean we had a lot nasty weather since october 2014 and a lot of roads to do. We had some nice snows followed by freezing weather, going down to – 22 degrees celsius.

After that we just had a nomal winter with temperatures between -6 and 5 degrees celsius and a lot of foggy weather that caused us a lot of problems, specially on the Olt region where the fog was so dense.

In the last weeks we tought that we’ve escaped the winter because of some nice days, but the nice days were just in Timisoara.

Because in Brasov-Covasna region we had a lot of nasty weather, with windy winter weather and a lot of difficulties on the road.

Now it’s the start of April and the weather is ….. moody. Sometimes is hot, sometimes is cold and sometimes we have quite a lot of rain.

And the last days were quite rainy around. We do have a lot of rain and the town isn’t so friendly with people walking around the streets.

Bucharest is a town made somehow for the car and less for bikers and pedestrians. And that is a problem, because most of roads get floded with water and when a car goes around in speed…. things can get very wet soon.

Anyway, I hope that we have some good weather soon, because the last year was full of rain. That much of it that I started to hate it for a while.

I want some nice mild weather and blossomed trees and walks around town with the bike. Well, less in Bucharest, more in Timisoara. 🙂


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