Right now I am relaxing, writing about what I saw today. A lot of new experiences that I have to relate. And I have to tell the story now because I am afraid that if I wait for only one day I will forget most of the details. It’s a proven scientific fact, so I am trying to be proffesional and write it down when I still have most of the details.

As I’ve said, I saw the Romania-Moldova border today, I drove on some nice hilly roads near Husi (spectacular drop) and near Cozia (Iasi county, the road from Iasi to Husi). I will have to tell you later about the Cozia and Husi hilly roads, roads that I managed to film with my trusty car cam bought from China. A good investment, I would say, because it does have a very good image quality. Anyway, I will be back with those articles somewhere in the next hours…. or maybe day. I need to process the videos, so It’s going to take a little bit more.

I am on a place that I actually stayed a lot in the winter when I got tired. The 55 km gas station in a place with a big parking lot where I park and stay to relax. It’s actually quite close to Bucharest….. 55 km are from Bucharest, and that gives the name of the gas station. Quite nice.

I am sitting at the shadow of a tree, relaxing and trying to get my thoughts together. As always. For me, this place is somehow special. So I have to take a picture of it for those who want to see where it is.



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