Transfagarasan Highway in Romania is a lovely place. Specially if you go out from Sibiu to Curtea de Arges. If you want to reach the road (named DN7C), you have to go on DN1 (E68) from Sibiu to Brasov and reach a roundabout after the village of Scoreiu. There you will see the sign for the Cartisoara village and Transfagarasan highway. You go right and continue through Cartisoara village and the forward on the road, you begin to climb. A lot. And they you reach to the top. And you have this view:


On the top you have a market that in the summer and autumn months if quite full and you will probably face a traffic jam. And after that you enter in Arges county via and excellent tunnel. You rearch to the other side and just continue to be amazed by the descent. Until you enter a forest area that is quite long and boring (about 20 minute drive) until finally you reach the Vidraru lake and dam.

There are a lot of things to do on this road, you can spend a full day on it and never get bored. But I wanted the driver experience, a thing that is not possible in the summer months, when it’s crowded. But on the begining of the summer and the last days of october the road is kind of clear and you can enjoy the drive.

And if you are lucky, on the end of October you might get some snow action, so be prepared with snow or all season tires if you come around in that period. And also some chains, just in case.

It’s a lovely road that I like to go on at least once a year to relax and escape the scorching summers that we have in Banat.


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