The road from Covasna to Intorsura Buzaului it’s quite a challenge. Two cities in Covasna county, but there isn’t any good road between those two cities, although there are only 30 km between them. And most of the road is paved, except the most important section of the road, the hill mountain pass. It’s quite a steep one, a 10 % hill climb, but still, one that can be properly maintained… if they would lay an asphalt cover in the area.

It’s 2017, that road was in that configuration since 2010, when I first went there with my bike, trying to get from Zagon to Intorsura Buzaului.

Covasna to Intorsura Buzaului in 2010

The road was full of potholes in Zagon, but with the bike it was easy to go around them. But when I left Zagon, there was no road anymore. Most of the road had some stone put around, so we were able to go up the mountain.

I was with three other friends on bicycles and the road, although tough, was quite nice going to the top. On the way down however, one girl from the group went to fast and fell of the bike. Nothing bad, just some bruises and a broken shoes. That wasn’t an issues, another colleague had spare hiking boots for women, so she was able to continue the road.

On the way down, we were just cruising at 10 km/h, admiring the view and stopping from time to time for some photos. Finally, we were down hill, reaching Barcauti and finally Intorsura Buzaului, from where we had a train back to Brasov (where we were staying in that period).

I was back on that road a week ago. This time, with the car.

Covasna to Intorsura Buzaului in 2017

Nothing’s changed.

The road is in the same configuration like it was seven years ago. Maybe a bit more stone on the road, since there were some big floods in 2014.

But the road is the same. It’s nice, but not spectacular. You need to have a decent car to go over the mountain pass.

My car isn’t as good as I would like. Did it suffer ? No, not really, since I was going up slowly.

I was going uphill quite slow, only 15-20 km/h, enough time for me to eat and enjoy the view from the car.

This time it rained. Quite a lot. So I had to take care on some of more troubled areas with a lot of mud.

That 7 km stretch without asphalt it’s still there. There are about the same amount of trees there. And the same amount of cars. Almost none.

Maybe it’s time for the Romanian authorities to repair this road after all.


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