Straja is a mountain resort in Romania. For those who don’t know the location, is in Jiu Valley, one of the poorest regions in Romania, but one of the beautiest, with a lot of high mountains around. Straja has the most km of ski tracks in Romania (which is not quite a lot by world standard, but still is nice) and because of that, Straja mountain restort has quite a lot of visitors from Romania each year. Most of them are coming here for the ski, but others prefere just to walk around in the mountain for some fresh air, a coup of hot wine with cinnamon (which after a cold day works like charm to get your spirits up) and some good time.

Let’s just say you’re not from Romania, but you want to change the skiing location for this year and you have chosen Romania for that. If you are entering in the country from the south, let’s say Vidin – Calafat, you must go up to the mountains, going to Craiova, then Filiasi, Targu Jiu and Petrosani. Before you get to Petrosani, you must go through Jiu Valley gorge, a road that, for the moment, is closed between 9 to 6 PM for repairs. But in the winter is open, but with some restrictions.

Anyway, I talked a lot about Straja and what can you do there in the winter. But since we are approaching the summer, you would ask yourself: what can I do in the summer in Straja ? Well, from my knowledge, there are just some summer camps in the summer in Straja, so there are a lot of cabins around that are quite empty. And if you want to spend a nice summers day in the mountains, Straja could be an option. You could try renting the entire cabin, since the prices would be a lot better than in the winter and throw on a party. The nearest city (Lupeni) can be seen from Straja and you have a decent road to get there. There is also the ski cable around, but I don’t know if they are going in the summer, so it’s better to have a car. You can also get a car in Lupeni that can get you up in Straja.

Finally, I will let you with a picture of Straja in the summer days (the picture was taken in august 2012)

Straja in the summer


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