Tasnad is a town in Satu Mare County in nord-west Romania, near the border with Hungary and Ukraine, being one of the towns in Romania that has thermal waters.

Tasnad is located at about 60 km south from Satu Mare, the county residence, 25 km from Carei, the nearest town, 60 km from Zalau, 85 km nord-east from Oradea and 140 km nord-west from Cluj-Napoca, the biggest city in Transylvania.

GPS coordinate for this town are: 47°28’38”N and 22°35’2”E.

On this town was found in 1978 an important thermo-mineral hydrographic deposit and a shaft was drilled for the intake of thermal waters at a depth of 1354 meters. In the resort area of the town it functions a thermal pool since 1978. The thermal water has a surface temperature of 72 Celsius and a total mineralization of 9.84 g per litre, wotj a chlor-bicarbon-sulf predominance (from the anion point of view) and sodium-calcium-magnezium in the presence of ammonia and potassium.

Those qualities gives this water good clinical abilities in the treatment of ailments like rheumatic diseases, gynecological diseases, post-trauma diseases, metabolic and endocrine diseases or just for keeping a good physical condition or recreation.

According to the recommendations from the National Institute for Physical Spas and Recovery Medicine in Bucharest, the thermo-mineral water from  Tăşnad can be used in external cure for the following conditions:

– preartrosis states

– degenerative rheumatism

– abarticular rheumatism

– disorders of the peripheral nervous system

– gynecological disorders

– dermatological disorders

– toning baths and fitness

According to the chemical composition analysis of the geothermal water, those substances were found:

– chlorides

– sodium

– bromides

– nitrates

– lithium

– iodized

– ammonia

– calcium

– sulfates

– fosfates

– iron

– bicarbonates

The area is famous for the artificial lakes around, those lakes are found on the land of different villages and attract a lot of tourists interested in the fishing tourism.

Except the lakes and the thermal waters in Tasnad, in the area you can find a lot of interesting tourist locations like:

– Town museum, which functions in an old noble residence. The building was raised in the second part of the XVIII century in baroque style and over the years it was restored and declared a historic monument. Today the building have an important ethnographic collection with exhibits from the zone.

– The House of Culture, building raised in the first decade of the XX century, a former casino.

– Reformed Church, historical monument, built in 1476 in the period of Vingradi Gerep Laszlo, relative of Matei Corvin. The Chruch was constructed in the late gothic style with numerous elements of valuable cult objects, being restored many times (the last time in 1776).

You can also visit the Orthodox Cathedral, Greco-Catholic Church, The Unknown Soldier Monument and in the town park you can find busts with various personalities of the area like Biro Lajos (zoologist and biologist), Coriolan Ster (founder of “Despartamantul ASTRA”), Grigore Maior (promoter of Transylvania School), Keresztesi Samuel (painter), Noti Karoly (writer) and George Copos (former vice-president of Romania and former owner of the football club Rapid Bucharest).

There are some things that you can do in Tasnad, if you just want to relax and get away from the big cities. You can find here a small town with thermal waters and an impressive history.



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