If you are a fashion lover like us, then you are a firm believer that this trend with body jewelry is a very good change for the urban scene. Because the summer is over now is a good approach to test our creativity when it comes to extravagant looks. You can see stars like Beyonce, Rihanna or Vanessa Hudgens that have totally embraced this fabulous trend.

All women love this layered, shimmery good that are putting their body and outfits to another level of sexiness. First of all is a subtle and perfect way to make your look more glamorous and chic. Second, it will perfectly accentuate your curves and it will bring the attentions on your abs. And third, we love Rihanna and Beyonce so much, that we think anything that they are wearing is astonishing.

Here are three main ideas on how you can wear a body chain:

  1. Over a swimsuit

The perfect accessory for the summer is wearing a body chain over a bikini swimsuit. It doesn’t’ matter if you like wearing a bikini or a one-piece swimsuit, a body chain will complement your look without looking like you are trying too hard.

Body chain swin suit

  1. Underneath a cropped top

Choose a basic and sport crop top and underneath wear a thin body chain. The crop top is still a thing when it comes to fashion. Keep the layering around your neck at minimum, or simply don’t wear anything around your neck when are you choosing a body chain.

  1. Over a dress

If you wear an elegant body chain over a dress it will make your look more modern and trendy while maintaining your feminine elegance. A simple dress or even a jumpsuit will be beyond chichness and also very unpredictable so wear this body jewelry with pride.


Turning heads is what you should expect when you are wearing a body chain. It is a sexy an ladylike choice! This is for the strong and bold women that are absolutely in love with the fashion scene. A well choused body chain will dramatically change a boring look in a glamorous and fashionable one.


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