Stylish and colorful sneakers can inspire any woman to lace up and go for a jogging session. But cool shoes won’t take you far enough if they are not comfortable. To avoid blisters, black toenails and injuries, forget the urban and cute sneakers and use expert tips to find a pair that will make your running time more comfortable.

  1. Don’t Buy Online

If you are new into running then our advice is to go to a specialty sports store and try different pair of shoes. It’s easier to try a bunch of sneakers in a store than to buy a new pair of sneakers online. When it comes to buy new running shoes try at least one lightweight pair that has a thin sole, and another pair that looks sturdier. It will help you figure out what feels better for your feet and comfort.

  1. Test Run

When you are in the store be confident and run a little bit in your new running sneakers. You can’t accurately know if a pair of shoes is good without taking them for a test drive. We suggest you to run around the store or on a treadmill, if they have one, from 30 to 60 seconds.

  1. Colors

Color does make a difference, but usually when it comes to the sneaker sole. Black soles are made of carbon rubber, which means they are durable. White and colored soles are made from blown rubber, they have a lower density and the material is softer because it contains more air. You can pick the color of the sole by considering the surface you typically run on.

  1. Size Matters

You want your running shoes with plenty of room up front to accommodate, and also for your toes to have space while running. Most people usually buy running shoes that are half size larger than what they usually wear. If you are a professional runner and run long distances, your feet will swell even more, so you can get a full size larger.

  1. Running Technology

Shoe sports brands usually use fancy words for running technology, and they say that these special features of the running shoes improve performance and minimize the risk of injury. But you don’t need to get fooled by good advertising, and rather focus on comfort and remember that this is the number one important factor if you are a runner.

Running can be easy and pleasant if you are wearing the right running shoes, which will give you comfort and stability. It’s important if you are going to run a lot with them, you don’t want blisters after a run.


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