Wear a flattering style for your shape

The most important thing when picking out an outfit it to know your body and be aware of your qualities and the parts that you are not so proud of. If you have an apple shaped silhouette, keep reading to find out what’s best for you!

The apple shaped silhouette is characterized by broad shoulders, narrow hips and fullness around the waist, which makes it almost impossible to define. To come to your rescue, there is the empire waist dress for apple shape which is your go-to dress. Choose a style with a v-neckline because first of all it will draw the attention to your cleavage and second of all it will elongate your body figure, stealing the spotlight from your torso, which is not your best part.

Speaking of best part, your legs are definitely it! The apple shaped silhouette is characterized by skinny and attractive legs, worth showing. That’s why we recommend you to wear short dresses and to show off your legs, because you definitely have something to show.

From flares to ruffles, anything that comes above your knees will be in your favor. Regarding the footwear, you can wear whatever you like because this is not an issue for your body figure. Flats or high heels, boots or sneakers, you name it! Depending on the dress you are wearing, choose a matching pair of shoes because they are a part that you don’t have to worry about.


The whole idea when putting together an outfit for an apple shaped silhouette is to create the illusion of a waist, even though there might not be one where it is supposed to be. You could do this through some styling tricks which are going to help you get what you want: a waistline!

Either if you choose a dress with a well marked empire waist or you want to accentuate it by using belts or accessories like this, both are going to create the same effect. The best area to create this line of thinness is right below the bust and from there on choose a dress with a voluminous amount of material in order to cover your torso.

An apple shaped silhouette can only be in your favor if you learn how to style it right and wear the right clothes. Learn to enhance your qualities and hide away the parts that you are not so proud of!


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