Midi dress

Sometimes tall women are exasperated because they find poor offerings of clothing for their height. It seems that ladies from this category should always choose wide, frumpy and strange clothing. Of course, if you look for the right stores, you can find an abundance of long skirts, jumpers, trousers or midi dresses.

Midi dresses are very easy to wear, especially for your height. I’m sure many of you love them, but it’s important to choose the proper length. If you wear one that’s very long, you can look like an old lady and one that is too short, well, that will no longer be a midi dress.

Midi dress for tall ladies – length advice:

  • If you are a tall woman you are lucky because you can wear any length of a midi dress, just be sure it will not go below your ankles.
  • Basically, length is everything, because it can make your outfit to look super stylish or it can totally ruin it.
  • The ideal length is the one that hits the mid shin, where the legs begin to thin out.

If you choose to wear a midi dress in a vibrant color, you can temper it with a basic blazer in a neutral hue. When you opt for fuller or pleated options, also is important to choose simple cardigans or crop jackets.

In our experience, midi dresses with volume, interesting designs and made from fancy materials will look cooler and less boring. The straight midi dress can be a little hard to pull off, but they can be a great choice for a tall lady, especially for the 40s fabulous vibe.

The midi dress for tall ladies can be paired with any type of shoes. Sky platform heels are this year very popular and they complement well with the dress. But you can also choose to wear kitten heels and even flats or sneakers.

You should add a killer midi dress to your wardrobe as soon as possible. I will give a feminine and elegant appeal! The midi dress is not universally flattering, but tall women will look always amazing when they choose to wear it!


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