We all know that women have a very special relationship with fashion. And the shoes are probably one of the best parts of this relation. It is very important though to know when and where to wear a certain pair of shoes. Pumps are very appreciated by women all over the world because they come in many shares, sizes and colors. But, when it comes on choosing pumps for work, what should you choose? At the office you must be professional, but this does not always mean that you cannot wear fashionable pumps.

How to choose the best pumps for work in order to have a professional, but on the same time fashionable outfit

The first rule that you have to take into account when choosing a pair of pumps for work is the height of the heels. All the designers agree that 7 cm should be the maximum height. And if you think about it, this may be the perfect height since the shoes will be on the same time feminine and comfortable.

The color of the pair of pumps for work is very important. Most of the women choose black, but the truth is that you can choose other colors too. Nude is also a great choice, as long as the tights are nude. There are other choices available, but you should avoid red. Red pumps for work are appropriate at the Christmas party or at any office party. On a regular daily basis, if you want to color your outfit you should choose pastel colors.

The fabric of the pumps is very important. Leather is of course the best choice. Since you will be spending at least eight hours a day wearing a certain pair of pumps, you have to feel comfortable and leather is the best choice.

Pumps are great for dresses, skirts and pants. On casual Fridays or on any other occasion when you can wear a pair of jeans to work, you can complete the outfit with a pair of nice pumps. The color of the bag does not necessary have to match with the color of your pumps.


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