Romania is one of the most competitive countries in Europe, when it comes to nearshore software outsourcing.

It offers highly skilled, English-speaking IT specialists at affordable costs for companies that are looking for software development, bespoke software development, software testing and software maintenance.

The high-quality IT skills and affordable costs are a good selling point, but the constant struggle that the authorities have with the corruption, still remains to be solved.

When UK and European companies think about software outsourcing, India and outsourcing to India still tends to be one of the first places to go to. This is mostly because of multiple outsourcing companies operating in India and because of the prices.

This could drastically change, as outsourcing to countries like Romania, Poland, Slovenia, Ukraine, etc. becomes more and more popular, among European companies. The rising popularity of the eastern countries is mostly due to the good balance between price and quality.

With highly-skilled labor, that is still cheaper than in the rest of the Europe, the other benefits of outsourcing to Romania are:

  • English language skills – almost 90% of the Romanian IT professionals speak English.
  • Technical expertise – the IT professionals in Romania are highly skilled in a wide range of technologies like PHP, Mobile, C++, .NET, Java, etc.
  • Proximity & Time Zone – Romania is quite easy to reach (2-3 hours flight from most of Europe’s capitals).
  • European Union – traveling to and from Romania and doing business is easy, as the country is part of the EU.

Don’t forget to check the websites of the companies that you are planning to shortlist as outsourcing partners. Take a look at customer testimonial, projects and even schedule a short meeting, to better assess their capabilities, expertise and pricing.

How do you feel about product development, testing and outsourcing to Romania?

Have you tried software outsourcing to Romania?

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