Everyone likes to travel but some get stuck when it comes to packing

Traveling has to be fun and dragging yourself along with too many suitcases could probably ruin the whole trip. There are some small tips that could help you avoid this problem and pack efficiently.
First thing to have in mind is where you are going and maybe see if there are any national dress codes that you should stick to. Also, the duration is also important because you may need more clothing items if you are staying a week rather than a weekend trip.

Either way, try to go for colorful items that you basically mix together and have endless possibilities with a limited number of items from your luggage. Neutral colors and pastels go well together making layering easier to be done. Dark colors on the other hand are a bit tricky and you have to be careful how you mix them with other shades.

Since we are talking about a spring-summer trip in Europe, a colorful suitcase inside out is the nest answer for that “What to Pack?” question.

Layering dresses

Sheer dresses made of fine chiffon or soft fabrics and cool plimsolls are the best options for any trip. You can wear mini dresses over jeans or as tops with maxi skirts so you already have three outfits with the same dress. Hats and sunglasses for sunny destinations and a medium sized bag to keep all you belongings with you every day.

Pastel Shirts

Maybe you are not a fan of soft colored shirts, but they do look great on a tanned skin and are easy to style. Ripped jeans, classic straight jeans or even classic trousers and some cool oxfords or boat shoes should be packed for the trip. A casual blazer is the only jacket you would need.

For more packing tricks and tricks you can get inspired from these What to Wear galleries on stylishcircle.com.


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