How to choose the best for your style

Every woman needs in their work wardrobe a functional yet professional handbag. It can be a bit challenging to choose this piece ,as long as you will wear it only in a professional environment. In any case, a well-chosen office bag can also be a fabulous investment, which will stay with you for the test of time. Plus, it will make you look more polished and confident.

Let’s see what is an office bag and how to choose the best for you:

  1. Choose leather

Even though can be a bit expensive, a leather office bag can be the best option. It will last much longer than a seasonal piece and will give you a classy, sophisticated look. Opt for a classy leather handbag free of tassels or large logos and you can’t go wrong. It will complete perfectly any outfit.

  1. The size and structure

A medium bag is the best option. Your office bag should be generous enough to move items between your home and office without becoming too heavy. Besides the size, structure is important too, because, usually, unstructured bags are great for the weekend, but for work you should definitely go for a bag which is a little stiffer and more structured.

  1. How organized should be your bag

A great office bag needs to be well organized.  You’ll need a bag with at least one external zip pocket for your phone and keys. Also, some internal pockets are necessary to keep items such as pens and business cards.

  1. The color

Choose the color, depending on your working environment. You can choose neutral shades or nude, navy hues if your dress code is too strict. Instead, for your casual Fridays, you can opt for a bright colored leather office bag (red, burgundy) to pair with your professional outfit. You can also go for black or tan as they are always in fashion and can mask stains easily.

To conclude, an office bag represents a structured bag, usually in a solid shade, made of leather (recommended). Every woman needs one in her wardrobe!


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