When it’s winter and very cold outside is the time to have a lot of fun getting dressed. You can look stylish during winter with some basic knowledge about winter fashion trends. During the cold season you have endless possibilities because layering is our top favorite. You can adopt a great style event in the depths of the winter, just by following some tips and tricks.

Tips for Winter Looks

  • Layering
    This technique will make you look like a fashionista regardless if you have expensive clothing or vintage ones. It is practically the way to dress when it is really cold outside. Don’t be afraid to pile on the layers because you will feel comfortable and stylish. You can wear a t-shirt, a sweater, a jacket and a coat. You can also pair tights under ripped jeans. Just be creative and bold because now is the time.
  • Coats
    You can opt for an overcoat that will keep you warm or embrace a fur coat. During the winter you can wear a lot of fur and that is a great opportunity. A fur coat will totally change your look and it will take your sense of fashion to the next level. Also you can wear minimalist wool coats in different colors and patterns. Just choose something that reflects your personality.
  • Scarves
    A scarf can be worn in many different ways, like simply wrapped around your neck or you can tie a scarf around your head for a vintage look. You can use the scarf as a belt on the top of your jacket, or even around your shoulders. You can opt for a statement scarf that will improve your winter outfit and it will make it more extravagant.
  • Jewelry
    Just because is winter that doesn’t mean you don’t wear jewelry anymore. Our favorite piece of jewelry for this season is the bangle bracelet. Bangles are solid bracelets of metal or plastic. If you are wearing bangles you will show that you are a person with refined tastes in fashion. If you go to a party and want to impress just choose a gold and extravagant bangle bracelet.

There are simple rules to follow: layering, extravagant coats, statement scarves and stylish jewelry!

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